Sunday, December 19, 2010

Defects in our Education System

There has been general dissatisfaction against the prevalent system of education in Pakistan. It is the system devised by the. It is not practically applicable in the twenty first century. The present system can only produce clerks. We should get rid of this system as early as possible.
The course has not been revised from decades and most of the objects prove useless. The information provided in these books are obsolete because no steps were taken to even update the material, one can easily pass the examination only by preparing for 10 to 15 days. Therefore the system of examination, too is largely defective. Instead of semester system they satisfy to lave annual exam is taken at the end of academic year, to test the memory of students instead of their knowledge.
English is an international language and in our country it is very important to know English. The professional education is given in English, whereas these subjects can be learnt quickly and easily in one's own mother tongue, European countries and Japan are great examples of this case. The system of education in our country is not up to date. The educational institutes are in a very deploralde condition, where unqualified and inexperienced teachers are entrusted with the responsibility of teaching the immature brains of their students.
In Pakistan there are two types of education system one is for rich people and the other is for poors. The first one is very expensive, only few aristecratescan afford to have the benefits of this education. This system meets all standards of good education system. The second one can just only produce clerks in an economically backward country like Pakistan education should be cheap so that ever one could reap its benefits. Pakistan is really in need of a new educational system which can produce good and high level efficient workers.


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